Monday, January 16, 2012

Cinnamon...I Mean Synonym

I am lovin' my 3 day weekend! Yes, yes, YES! I know we've only been in school 8 days this year, but boy was I needing a day to sleep in again! I was so thankful for the long winter break, but it was really hard for me to get in gear again!

Anyways, here is something "sweet" we did last week... and please forgive my crooked pictures!!

Once of our lessons was on synonyms. I love teaching synonyms because it really helps build my class' vocabulary. I am so sick of them writing, "It was so fun. I am so happy..." I know they are capable of being amazing writers, so I was really delighted to sweeten up their language! Found on the amazing Pinterest, here are Synonym Rolls!

Pinned Image
Picture from Life is Better Messy Anyway!

After a mini-lesson on synonyms, the students were very excited to begin "baking" their rolls. Their first job was to use only their brain to think of one "boring" word. Some common words from my class included nice, good, pretty and easy. After they thought of their word, they needed to continue using only their brain to brainstorm synonyms on their own. After a few minutes, I let them find a partner to get help from a friend's brain. My little social butterflies loved this part and conversation immediately filled my classroom. I loved hearing the kiddos say, "That's a boring word. We can do better than that!" After working together to add more words to their list, the partners could use a thesaurus to finish off the list. There were many "aha" moments when the kids read some of the words in the thesaurus.

Now that they had a list to work off of, it was time to put together the rolls. The students cut a circle out of manila paper, wrote their first word in the middle of the circle, and then drew a spiral with their brown crayon. Then, they wrote their synonyms on the spiral lines. Once their synonym rolls were "done", we placed them on a piece of foil for the hallway bulletin board.

To spice this activity up, we ate some Cinnabon Cereal my teammate picked up.  They taste just like mini cinnamon rolls, with a little crunch! I seriously had to hide them from myself before the activity started because they would have been gone!  :)

If you want the sign I used for the bulletin it is!

Synonym Rolls


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