Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Addition and Subtraction

We are almost finished with our super long addition and subtraction unit, but I wanted to share a few games before it gets too late! We started this unit at the beginning of November and are finishing up this week. I can honestly say I'm ready to move on! I am thankful for the much needed time on addition and subtraction (because most of our units go super fast), but this was way too long! Here are a few games that really helped my kiddos...

This game is great practice for adding and subtracting with a hundreds chart. The game is a matching game in which the students need to match a number sentence/word problem to a hundreds chart. There are also directions that the students need to match a hundreds chart to. For example, "Go down 2 tens and to the right 5 ones" is the same as adding 25. I love matching the hundreds chart to directions because that's what my little ones think inside their head.... well, at least that's what their taught to do!

Hundreds Chart Matching (3)

My district really pushes bar diagrams for solving word problems. If you know something about the Singapore Method, this is pretty much it! When they were first introduced, I wasn't a big fan. But, after a few years of teaching them, I really like how they organize the students' thinking. Basically, a bar diagram is a visual to help set up a word problem. We teach 2 different diagrams, the part-part-whole diagram and comparison diagram. This game is a great review of the diagrams and for solving word problems, something my students really needed help on!

Bar Diagram Matching

Hopefully these games are useful in your classroom!

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  1. Sarah, is your Math series Math in Focus? We use it and it is based on Singapore Math. Thanks for sharing how your opinion of bar models has changed over the past few years since you've taught them. We are in our second year and I'm where you were at the beginning. Thanks for sharing your matching activity. The timing is perfect.