Friday, December 30, 2011


Well, I'm at it again...

I started blogging about 2 years ago and absolutely fell in love! I had a little teaching blog, Burst of First, which I really kept up with. I joined the ranks of all the other first grade teachers with blogs and really enjoyed everything. Then, I was moved to teach second grade, and Burst of First, sadly, had to go.

The new school year started and I have to admit, I was super overwhelmed! Starting the year in a new grade level, with new teammates, a pilot program and the new common core curriculum was way too crazy for me. I tried my best to continue blogging and balance my personal life, but with a new blog. Here was my attempt to blog as a second grade teacher. Again, epic failure!!

With a new year starting in a day and a few hours (can you believe it?!?!?), I've decided to start a new blog, again! I've really missed blogging over the past few months and cannot wait to get back in! Although I still feel a little overwhelmed (and who doesn't?), I'm pretty sure I can do this again! It really turned in to a hobby for me, and with the NBA season finally starting up again, I'll have more time to do this since Mr. Husband will be glued to the TV!

So, here is my new year's resolution.....enjoy!